Sunday, October 09, 2005

London Weekender - Part 3

So the final batch of photo's from last weekend in London and this time some are from Kev/Nana's flat, some in the pub earlier in the day and the pictures with glazed eyes are late into the night.
I love the fourth picture of Kully and I on the dancefloor, looking like two naughty boys!


  1. has anybody ever told you that you look like Steve Nash! Striking resemblence!

  2. Nope, no-one has ever said that, but then I don't know who he is , so I'll have to do a google search now Mikey!

    ............. hopes it's not someone too bad!!


    The basketball ball player! I found a pic and I guess from a few pics my hair looks the same.

    You sure you didn't mean Brad Pitt??
    (I wish!!)


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