Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Meal - My Thoughts.

As you know , I had my brother and his wife around for dinner on Saturday for the first time ever.
We sat and talked and drank 3 bottles of wine until gone 2am in the morning, it was great to finally connect again with my brother after all these years. I'd only ever get to see him if he needed to borrow money or a death in the family etc so to be together on a personal social level was totally worth the effort.
I'm the youngest in my family so there is a lot of family history I don't know and my brother was sharing snippets about my parents or our up bringing that made me both happy and sad.
I know both my parents loved me very much, yet both had their own problems to contend with. We had a hard upbringing as my parents tried to raise 4 of us on a very tight budget.
Hopefully this meal will be the beginning of something new as I try and keep the bond there.

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