Thursday, October 20, 2005

Icon of My Lifetime

Noele Gordon (aka Meg Mortimer/Meg Richardson - "Crossroads")

My all time icon has got to be the one and only Noele Gordon from the ATV/Central early evening soap "Crossroads". As a child in the late 70's I grew up watching Meg run a busy fictional hotel set near Birmingham. Yet there was something about her style that made her like a second mother to me, in a funny sort of way.
Maybe it was the authority she carried or maybe it was because she reminded me of my own mother. Indeed it was at my own mothers feet I would sit each evening and watch the soap opera.
Meg's voice was distinctive and helped create that aura that has lived on long after her departure from Crossroads in the early 80's and her sad death in 1985 , just three years before my mum's death (I think)

I salute you Meg!

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