Monday, September 05, 2005

DenDen Weekend in London.

1. Angie and me about 3am after the night out.

2. Norman and me "The LipGloss Reunion" pose!

3. Alex,Norman,Jamie and Lauren doing the Spice Girls "Forever" pose.

4. The actual "Forever" cover!

Finally after months of talk about the DenDen wedding, the happy couple Chris and Dee finally tied the knot this weekend. It gave us forum members a good reason to meet up and celebrate. Angie had flown in from Canada, Dennis & Inge from Germany, Marc from Holland, Carl from Belgium and then there were those of us who had traveled from various parts of the UK whether it be Ipswich or Wales, Coventry or London - seeing the faces behind the forum is always a great pleasure.

I wish I had taken my camera now but these tiny mobile phone images are all I have for now but will wait until everyone else gets their prints online before I add some to the Blog.

Seeing my favourite Canadian Angie was a real gem - she's every bit lovely in real life as she is online. This girl knows how to party and yet still have time to mother each one of us. It was also the welcome return of the LipGloss Bitches (aka Norman and Robbie) - a concept born over a year ago and one that will always bring happy memories for me. I'm really happy that our friendship has weathered the storms and come through stronger than ever. Nothing can ever end the LipGloss Bitches reign at the top ................ We love a good bitch!

Then finally, the weekend was an opportunity to meet some familiar faces (Stannie,Marc,Charlotte,Tamir,Carl,Dee and Chris - of course!) and then get to know some more such as Swez Jon and agrofrog. Lauren (although a familiar face, I'd not had much of a chat with before) - was such great company both at Hyde Park and at the meal Saturday night. This Aussie is so sweet and funny, we could have talked for hours. How could I finish without mentioning the one and only Dennis - he looks fabulous in real life and kept me company when I wasn't in a clubbing mood.

To some a "forum" is nothing more than words on a screen, infact I used to feel that way until two years ago. I remember having a heated debate with Twister (Chris) about this - and his words proved true. Having met up with forum members on many occasions - I can truly say many of these same people have also become my friends. You all know who you are!

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