Monday, August 29, 2005

Lake Windermere

1. The many swans around the lake.
2. Walking around the lake.
3. Wordsworth house seen on the way.
4. Second smallest house in Britain.

Our final morning was spend at Lake Windermere walking around the shops and looking around the lake enjoying the glorious weather (if only it had been as dry when we climbed the mountain!!). Andy gave us the guided tour as we drove there as Alex and I sat in the back snapping like Japanese tourists hehehehehe.

The whole weekend was a fantastic break, it was great being with people who's company I totally enjoy. In both sunshine and rain, lake or mountain , rowing boat or bunk bed - I was happy being around my friends. It's times like these that make you realize how precious friendships are.

I also bought a book about the Mini (not the BMW sort but the good old fashioned British Mini car) and I'm loving it, I want a Mini now!!

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