Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mikey D's Blogdiggity

Mikey D's Blogdiggity

As I was spending my day doing erm........... nothing (cos i`m on holiday), I came across the above Blog - the most interesting of the day - for someone who is 22 yrs old, his Blog was both funny and yet thought provoking - I felt like he was being totally honest in what he wrote, and by the end of it I felt like I actually knew Mikey and his girlfriend!

OK, now I know I've spent too much time indoor during this holiday because:

  • I keep leaving the washing up til the next day
  • I've still not done my ironing
  • I'm wearing briefs not boxers
  • No job seems to be completed
  • All thoughts of decorating have gone
  • My bum hurts from sitting down on this seat too much
  • I'm masturbating way too much


  1. hi, just checkin your blog out since you commented on mikeys blog! :) the first internation mikey blog fan! hee hee :) ta-ta

  2. I know...........

    At least I'm too far to be a stalker!

    Now I'm gonna have a quick peek at yours :-)


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