Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Holiday Moan...........

Its half way through my week off and all is not going as planned, I keep getting distracted by that curse called the "internet" and so not getting much done. My main distraction has been as people ask about places to stay for free!
Apart from that I spent a fortune buying lots of food yesterday , just before the plumber serviced my boiler and fixed the problems - all for £175.........My oh my!

Then my MP3 player still isn't sorted out, my PC has decided to make lettering twice as big as normal for no apparent reason, my wages still haven't been corrected since May and I've got a pile of ironing still to do.
Finally, I'm supposed to be in both London AND Banbury on Friday because I'm meeting an ex-girlfriend and an ex-workmate in two different locations at the same time - why am I such a bad planner?

Right my moaning is over - I'm still on my 4 hour tea break ......... I really shouldn't have holidays!!


  1. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! Appreciate the comment =)! I'll be visiting yours now and again as well now.

    ~Mikey D


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