Wednesday, July 08, 2009

VIDEO: Oasis - Wonderwall @ Ricoh Coventry

Oasis rocked Coventry's Ricoh Arena in front of thousands of fans with The Enemy playing a supporting role and members of The Specials in attendance. Playing new and old songs from their vast collection of hits had the crowds singing along as they joined in the gig. Reports of clashes between drunken fans during the night have since emerged and security have been criticised for not taking enough action.

Below is the video to 'Wonderwall', filmed in the crowds on the pitch during the gig, The Enemy VIDEOS can be seen HERE and PICTURES are available HERE.

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  1. you were obviously at a different gig to me last night totally inept organisation pissed up morons fighting, blatantly ignoring the no smoking ban lighting upin front of muppet stewards with no clue of proper crowd control whatsoever, blocked gangways/stairways toilets throwing of beer glasses full of piss all night again no security in sight.
    Oasis were magnificent The Enemy good the rest rubbish Wembley will be better because people know how to behave like human beings and willbe ejected if they behave like some of the twats did last night.
    You need to get to specsavers mate if you never saw any of that take place or perhaps your beer goggles were full!

  2. Agree 100% with previous comment. Three times fights kicked off where we were standing [same people everytime]security didnt want to know. As for the smoking they were smoking in the concorse of the stadium as well. Try that at the football and they would be kicked out. On top of that, security staff at the entrance were arrogant pricks, im sure they were getting a power trip out of stopping and searching the fans as we went in & taking great delight when they found something that they could confiscate. They probably live with their mums, sad bastards.

    Alan a cov kid & proud

  3. dito to the above comment, never have I been to a concert where half the crowd were looking for trouble. It kicked off big time about 20 minutes before the end in the standing section. last time I go to a concert at the Ricoh


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