Monday, July 06, 2009

Godiva Festival 2009

Pint Shot Riot

Coventry's Godiva Festival lived up to expectations and put on a great display both local talent but also some groovy bands from around the country. Best of all the three day festival was FREE, which in the difficult times we live in was impressive. Thanks to the organisers like CVOne, Harry Shaw and other local companies the festival continued for the 90,000 in attendance over the weekend.

The Twang

Initially I was concerned Godiva wouldn't live up to last year, where The Enemy headlined but the rains came down. Yet bands like The Twang and Idlewild kept the good people of Coventry entertained. Coventry's very own Pint Shot Riot rocked the main stage Saturday afternoon with The Twang visibly enjoying being on stage, joking about a trainer thrown during the performance. The main stage wasn't the only place to listen to music, Freefall Collective packed out the Rhythm Tent and were (for me) the best band because it was totally unexpected.

Freefall Collective

I wish I'd gone on the Friday for Go West and the other 80's acts, the Saturday Carnival and the chilled out Sunday. The weather had been perfect this year and the crowds more chilled out. While The Enemy might not have been performing this year, it didn't stop Andy Hopkins from attending the festival to enjoy Godiva like everyone else.

robmacca having fun @ Godiva

Full moon @ Godiva

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