Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oasis Cheques Will Become Collectors Item

Oasis have just refunded almost £1m to 20,000 fans who took advantage of a refund following the first gig at Manchester's Heaton Park on Thursday June 7, where technical difficulties prompted Noel Gallagher to tell fans it would be a "free gig".

Rather than cancel the gig, Oasis waited for the sound problem to be sorted and then played later than any of the other tour dates to make up for the delays. The trouble is - if you offer someone a refund, they will take it. No wonder Noel called them "cheeky c**ts" a few days later as so many applied for a refund.

The Oasis cheques look set to become a collectors item because they are signed by both Noel and Liam Gallagher with a 'Oasis Bank of Burnage' logo at the top and are already fetching quite a good price on websites like eBay. True fans are more likely to keep the cheque as a piece of memorabilia - something that will please the Gallagher brothers as the thought of paying out almost £1 is not a nice thought.

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