Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sargeant Quits Strictly Come Dancing

John Sargeant on Strictly Come Dancing

John Sargeant has sensationally quit the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing contest after fears he could actually win the contest. The ex-political journalist has been constantly slammed for his poor dancing skills by the judges yet loved by the public. Week after week millions of viewers have warmed to his dance moves and consistently voted to keep him in the contest.

At today's press conference John Sargeant talked of his decision to leave saying, "It's like when you decide when you leave a party, and the time to leave a party is before the fight starts, and I think that's really what's happened on this occasion."

Bruce Forsyth, Strictly Come Dancing co-host said, "He was put in the most awkward position, looking at the other dancers and knowing they were better than him. He must have felt guilty in a way." Yet John was worried this may have been a joke too far as concerns grew that he could actually win the contest. Sargeant will return on Saturday for a farewell dance.

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  1. I wonder how much pressure the BBC put on John to quit? It's a shame he has quit because we Brit's love an under dog and John was pure entertainment to watch.


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