Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Geri Halliwell Splits From Dancing Lover

Geri Halliwell and Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez part company

Gerl Halliwell seems destined to remain a single mother as it became public that the Spice Girl has split up from her backing dancer Ivan Velez. The couple became an item after the Spice Girls Reunion Tour last December and things had progressed, as Geri and daughter Bluebell spent most of the summer in Los Angeles with Ivan.

Yet, like the Spice Girls tour - all good things must come to an end and it appears Geri Halliwell called time on the relationship, ending it via a phone call several weeks ago. Close friends say Ivan had been hoping Geri would change her mind, according to this weeks Closer magazine.

'She couldn't deal with the distance between them and thought it was best to end it before he got even more hurt,' a source is quoted telling the magazine.

How much of the story is true is any body's guess, but I'm sure Geri Halliwell will have no shortage of offers from available bachelors!

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