Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Reason Laura White Got Booted From X Factor

Laura White

The real reason Laura White got booted off the X Factor was nothing to do with her singing but has more to do with her fashion sense we can reveal. She had been the bookies favourite to win this year's X Factor competition then was sensationally voted off the show on Saturday by the judges.

The frumpy Laura was being managed by Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole, who should have known better and yet ignored comments made by Simon Cowell about the appearance of Laura White. The picture above, taken on Monday outside the ITV studios, give a prime example of why Laura White failed to impress.

Forget all the protests about getting Laura reinstated, get her to the High Street with a stylist and then come back!


  1. nothing is wrong with her style

  2. who posted this comment?!? What a load of rubbish!!! I'd like to see your sense of style and looks. theres nothing wrong with laura and simon is the last person to talk about style. mr i'll-wear-my-trousers-under-my-arm-pits.

  3. While there is nothing wrong with Laura as a person, I think she needs a makeover.

    While Simon is not the man to do it - he knows what the music business is like.

    Cheryl, as her mentor should have been the one to guide Laura. What a let down!


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