Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pint Shot Riot Live @ Zavvi, Coventry

Pint Shot Riot - Live @ Zavvi, Coventry

Coventry's Pint Shot Riot put on another live show for the people of Coventry at Zavvi record store. While it may have been freezing outside, Pint Shot Riot turned up the heat inside with a blistering performance featuring their latest hit single 'Holes'.

The upbeat set included firm favourite 'Riot Act' and previous indie hit 'Start Digging' and 'Punches Kicks Trenches and Swords'. Family and friends were close by with fans lapping up the musical feast.

Pint Shot Riot are well known in Coventry and recently sold out the 1,000 capacity Kasbah venue as well as performing at the Godiva Festival during the summer. The band have also set up their own record label (Life In The Big City Records) as they continue to grow in popularity.

Pictures can be seen at robmacca EXTRA
Check out the videos below of their performance:

Pint Shot Riot - Holes (Live)

Pint Shot Riot - Riot Act (Live)

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