Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lake District - Helvellyn Mountain Walk

The weather changed for the worse today but we still decided to climb towards Striding Edge, Helvellyn. The Information Centre said the winds were gale force (50mph +) so climbing to the top would be dangerous. The start of the walk was OK but soon got colder and wetter the higher we climbed. Trouble was - Alex and I really didn't think we would actually go on walks when we got to the Lake District! So we didn't exactly arrive prepared, Alex was in denim (which loved the water!!) and I was in my slippiest trainers (but at least the trusty Royal Mail storm proof coat saved the day!) It took several hours to walk to the lake at the "Hole in the Wall" but the lashing of rain, poor visability and deflated spirits prevented all but Simone and Ted from going the last part ontoStriding Edge itself.

The pics above show us setting off all nice and dry, that soon changed as you can see in the drowned picture of us and finally a rather wet Alex as we begin our decent.

Below is a picture of the area we were walking along (this picture was found on the net).

*980m high

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