Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Girls Aloud - HMV Signing - PART 3

1. Nicola gets busy signing my "Long Hot Summer" CD's.
2. Kimberley Walsh gets her signature down to a fine art.
3. Nadine has time for a photo opportunity.
4. Cheryl may be looking down but she's also looking great.
5. Sarah is shocked at my 12".

The waiting was totally worth it, this was my first record signing and it was worth not having my afternoon sleep. It's got to be hard for them to sign record after record as well as try and talk to the fans. The security men were friendly and did their best to keep everything organised and flowing so we all got something signed or had a quick chat with the Girls.
I thanked the Girls for coming to the Midlands and said it made a change from going to London. Nadine and Sarah were chatting to me and said it was nice to come somewhere different rather than the "same old same old".

Then they commented on me being in my postman's uniform saying "Wow a real live postman ...... in shorts as well!" Sarah asked if I'd bought all the formats I'd asked them to sign and I said "Yeah", they replied with a "Thank you so much for supporting us".
The picture above with Nadine made me laugh because she was busy signing the CD's then just automatically looked up with this big grin on her face ready for my phone to take a picture - bless her , she was on auto pilot!
Cheryl, Kimberley were busy signing to have a chat and poor Nicola almost forgot to sign my 12".

Bonus: *We were treated to meeting Cheryl's dog as he was paraded before us as we waited to meet Girls Aloud.

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