Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Robbie Uncovered

Image hosted by

Shocked Robbie!

This picture was taken on Saturday by Tatyana - I don't exactly look my best but it is how I look ..... oh my god :

  • I`m getting old!
  • I look bland and like a geek
  • Have I just pooed myself?!


  1. Thanks Jezzy,
    Liked your picture and the Blogg (interestesing swimwear posts!)


  2. LOL, i agree, it's actually a cute pic, you look cute in glasses!!! :D

  3. **blushes**

    I still think I look weird in it!

  4. Oh haha! The main rule for a photograther - never show your pics to a shooted person :) Because we all hate our own photos, me too! You look great and agree with previous orators - glasses fit you fine! :)

    Robbie, happy birthday to you dear!


  5. I must agree with you as well - I never expected to see a picture of myself so didn't have time to put on a "photo face" LOL. Thanks for the kind wishes as well :-)


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