Monday, March 21, 2005

Childhood Memories..................

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Imagine living in a home with no heating system and no hot water. Hard to imagine when we take it for granted. But as I was talking to my work friends it reminded me of the time when living at home meant we had no hot water or heating for several years because my parents couldn't pay the gas bill.
As a 13 year old, that meant the only way to stay clean was to get into the kitchen sink with a bowl of boiled water to wash.
Image hosted by That reality seemed to last forever yet didn't seem unusual because as a child I did not know any better.
I remember my headmaster coming up to me at school and saying I could use the school showers if I wanted. Some might look down on that and view my family as poor - but I see something else. I see another example of kindness, I don't know how my headmaster knew about my home situation (unless he could smell me of course!) but he very lovingly took me too one side and extended that kind offer.

I never did use those school showers but rather lived by my weekly washes at the kitchen sink (I'm hoping it was more than once a week but I've got a feeling it wasn't!). Looking back, growing up at home wasn't ideal. We had no hot water or heating but what we did have was LOVE. I know without a shadow of a doubt both my parents loved me and demonstrated this in many ways.

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