Monday, March 14, 2005

Job Search

Since changing jobs back in October 2004, I've had to make a lot of changes. Each month has been a struggle to avoid overspending, that doesn't mean I've been "living it up". Quite the opposite, if I go out I simply cannot buy food too eat.

Which is a good reason why I've been looking for a new job - if you can't go out or shop after working hard all week then what's the point in doing that job?

I've passed a test and interview for a new job that is paying TWICE as much money, yet the job will be incredibly DULL.
Each week I buy the newspaper and hate looking because of the effort of filling in application forms, CV`s and interviews, only to be rejected or take a job you don't like.

Maybe I'll end up back at the Post Office in my postie shorts................


  1. I hate the process of looking for jobs in the paper as well hopefully u can get a job back in royal mail

  2. It's Thursday and so it's Jobs Day in my local paper.
    Although I got the job in the car factory, I dont think I actually gave them my phone number or address (opps!).
    So I'll keep on looking......


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