Friday, March 04, 2005

Desperate Spicewives - Part 2.

Desperate Spicewives. Posted by Hello

"Hysteria Lane has fond memories for our 5 Desperate Spicewives, once upon a time they would all been seen together as the all conquering, all dancing girls but now life has taken a new twist for each of our Spicewives."

The most active among the clan has been Melanie C, she may have been quiet while everyone else was in the limelight, but sometimes the shadows can produce the most interesting designs! A new website, a new album and a new sexy look has certainly got people taking notice again. Could Melanie C end up having the last laugh over a certain Virgin? Watch out for the Next Best Superstar!

While one may be coming out to play, it seems another has run away..... Geri has suddenly retreated. There are more hold-ups from Miss H than in the whole of Wonder Bra. It`s looking a little empty on the album/single and tour front as a sudden change in manager`s meant all was not happy in the Geri camp. Maybe she should have a chat with Victoria Beckham and try a spot of diversification.

Some on the other hand are just happy to plod along and see what life brings whether its little parts in movies or dance records in the U.S. , our five neighbours waste no time. Not even having a baby is a holiday where our Desperate Spicewives are concerned.

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