Monday, August 03, 2009

A Tale Of Two Divorces - Madonna v Katie Price

Over the past year the media have been full of stories about the divorce of Katie Price and Peter Andre and Madonna and Guy Richie. Yet it has been 'A Tale of Two Divorces' as the two couples couldn't be further apart when it comes to milking the press.

You can not open a magazine or switch the TV without seeing either Katie or Andre dishing the dirt on each other in a very public way, while in stark contrast - Madonna and Guy have been totally dignified during the very traumatic situation.

Madonna and Guy Richie are perfect examples of how a famous couple should treat divorce. While dealing with estates and children, the pair have been adult and dignified throughout - no big exclusives, no kiss and tell stories. Even though they are now divorced, Madonna and Guy remain good friends and no doubt will always have a special relationship even though the marriage didn't work out.

The divorce of Katie Price and Peter Andre looks like being anything but private, with a media circus set to follow their every move. Invited by both, the world will get to read big exclusives while both kiss and tell until the interest dries up. Talking of drying up, it looks like their love for each other has totally died - without any chance of reconciliation.

Maybe Katie and Peter should have taken a leaf out of Madonna and Guy's book.......

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