Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Robbie Williams: New Album Announced

Robbie Williams is back as he announced his new album, 'Reality Killed The Video Star', would be released on 9th November. His first single from the album is called 'Bodies' and will be out on October 12th 2009.

The former Take That singer became the most popular male singer in the UK after leaving the boy band, scoring twenty five Top 10 hits over the years. The press turned against him when he released Rudebox and Robbie spent the past few years in Los Angeles, enjoying a more peaceful life."I thought after the last album came out, things seem to be on the turn, perception wise.

"So I decided to try and stay out of the proverbial limelight for a while. And God knows I've found the old big head routine to be running a bit thin, so I don't blame anybody else feeling the same way.

"As an old manager used to say to me, 'you lads need to go away and cause a vacuum'. I've been vacuuming... and it coincided with me finding someone very special."

He said listeners would hear "old Robbie, new Robbie and a Robbie that neither of us have met".

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