Friday, February 06, 2009

BBC Broadcast Unedited Christian Bale Rant

Christian Bale has become an internet sensation this week after his rant containing 35 swear words made it online. Yet bosses at the BBC's Breakfast Show were left red faced as an UNEDITED version of the clip was broadcast just before 7am. The tape was cut after a few seconds, as a shriek was heard in the studio once the F word went out live.

BBC presenter Susanna Reid quickly said, "An enormous apology. That was definitely supposed to be edited." That didn't stop over 50 viewers ringing in to complain. The rant made on the set of Terminator 4 last summer, has been turned into a remix by producer Revolucian.

WARNING: The video below contains a shit load of swear words:

Christian Bale Rant - Remix

You can see more of Revolucian on YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and the Christian Bale Remix can be downloaded on MP3 for free @

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