Sunday, January 13, 2008

Music News Update

robmacca is away on holiday - so here is a quick music update while in Australia:

*UK album sales dropped 10.8% to 138.1 million during 2007 but single sales increased almost 20m to a total of 86.6m.

*EMI face one crisis after another, first Robbie Williams went on strike, Coldplay are considering leaving the company and now Kylie has stuck the boot in, blaming the company for her poor album sales.

* Keep your eyes peeled as the Brit Award nominations become public this week, the Osbourne's will be presenting the show in February.

* Mel C is to have all her tattoos removed, according to the News of the World today. The Spice Girl will have all ten removed at the end of the tour. Now think of the poor fans who copied her in getting the tattoos!

* Britney Spears single, "Piece of Me" has knocked off X Factor winner Leon Jackson's "When You Believe" from the #1 position in the Irish charts. Britney managed to climb up to #2 in the UK this week.

* The Enemy "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" album rose from #44 to #27 this week as it enjoys it's biggest climb in recent weeks. Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts have already started another busy year of gigs, returning to the UK from Germany.

  • - My website dedicated to Coventry band "The Enemy"
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    1. I think "Piece of me" is a nice song however I feel sad for Leon 'cos he's only starting his career.


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