Monday, January 14, 2008

Bjork Attacks New Zealand Photographer

Bjork was not happy after her long flight and attacked New Zealand photographer Glenn Jeffrey as she arrived in Auckland at 07:50am, ripping his shirt in half.

Apparently the Icelandic singer was not happy with the NZ Herald photographer taking pictures of her partner, he'd been asked not to take pictures.

The incident bears the hallmarks of another attack, in 1996, during which Bjork famously attacked a reporter after a long flight to Thailand.

She later apologised for that attack, which is now posted on the YouTube website.

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    1. I can understand the fact that some people can't handle their anger butI think this is an exreme :S I wouldn't think she did it to get some publicty 'cos she'snot that kinda artist however I'm no-one to say so


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