Sunday, June 19, 2005

It Could Only Happen To Me.......

Only I could win a competition and NOT actually win the prize!

As part of my PC clear out ready for the mass "wiping" tomorrow, I have been going to any websites I visit and writing my username/password etc. I'd entered a competition for a CD in October, and it turns out I had won.

Sadly , going back to the website 8 months later meant I was too late to claim my prize. Typical - one of the only times I ever win something and I don't get to actually receive the CD. I could add it to the list of "bad" luck ............. the £1,000 bonus I missed out on by leaving Royal Mail or being written out of a will and "losing" £10,000 for leaving a religion or the £10,000 on shares that went down the plug hole.

Thankfully I am not bothered about "luck". My view is quite simple - we came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing when we go. Saying that, I would like to try and keep some of what I've worked so hard for while I'm here!

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