Sunday, June 19, 2005

DVD of the Month..............

Girls Aloud - "Girls on Film"

Well worth the £9.99 I paid on , the DVD includes the video's to the singles as well as the MTV special. Loved the camera work in the MTV programme. The CD:UK and TOTP performances are well worth having on DVD - very sexy indeed!
The DVD will keep me happy until later in the year when we get new material from the best act in pop at the moment.


  1. Hey Rob, how are you doing? Have you begun your postie work again now? Work for me is still going well. I enjoy it. And I like the environment. Sometimes it's challenging, but the day goes by quickly, and that's a good sign. PLus i've still been busy "galvanatrizing" (my own word for "having fun") all over town.

  2. I've been back as a Postie for the past six weeks now and looooooooooooooooooove it. I feel like I am back "home" - this is the job for me. I have gone back with a new attitude, which means looking after #1, rather than being a "company" person. Lets face it, when I cared about what happened - they didn't! So I just do my job and switch off.
    Glad your new job is proving interesting. Sounds like the challenge is doing you good! I've been reading bits about your "galvanatrizing" along with your German visitor - fun fun fun (lucky you!)


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