Monday, January 04, 2010

Sales Of Singles Rise While Album Sales Decline

The Christmas chart battle between Rage Against The Machine and X Factor winner Joe McElderry helped make it a record year for UK single sales with 4.22m singles sold in the last week of 2009, exceeding the previous record of 4.03m over Christmas 2008.

Downloads now account for almost 98% of the singles market. The BPI, which represents UK record labels, has said it expects total single sales in 2009 to exceed 150 million. In 2008 a record 115.1m singles were sold in the UK. Sales in 2009 increased by 32.7% to a record 152 million.

But it was not all good news as album sales showed a decline of around 12% year on year as last week's album sales were 3.16 million. Overall album sales were down 3.5% in 2009 as 128.9 million albums were sold in the UK. Good news for the music industry came in the form of downloads - they rose 56.1% to 16.1 million album downloads.

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