Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 7 - Final Week News

The final week of Celebrity Big Brother kept millions of viewers glued to their screens with plenty of evictions, tasks and Davina McCall entering the house. Here are the headlines from Big Brother Blog Squad:

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  • CBB7: Alex Reid Wins Celebrity Big Brother Final
  • CBB7: The Housemate To Finish Third Was.....
  • CBB7: Fourth Housemate In Celebrity Big Brother Fi...
  • CBB7: The Housemate That Finished Fifth Is.......
  • CBB7: Vinnie And Alex Top Sun Poll
  • CBB7: Alex Wanted Peter Andre In Big Brother House...
  • CBB7: Play Buffhunter Streaking Game
  • CBB7: Will Alex Or Dane Win Celebrity Big Brother?...
  • CBB7: Bookies Predictions For Final
  • CBB7: Could Jonas Win Celebrity Big Brother?
  • CBB7: Why Stephanie Should Win Big Brother
  • CBB7: Day 26 Viewing Figures
  • CBB7: Guess Who's Tattoo
  • CBB7: Double Eviction Viewing Figures
  • CBB7: Alex Remains Bookies Favourite To Win Big Br...
  • CBB7 PICTURES: Davina Inside Big Brother House
  • CBB7 VIDEO: Davina Enters The Big Brother House
  • CBB7: Davina McCall Enters The Big Brother House
  • CBB7: Seventh Housemate Evicted Is.....
  • CBB7: Sixth Housemate Evicted Is......
  • CBB7: Why Vinnie WILL Win Celebrity Big Brother
  • CBB7: New Housemate To Enter Big Brother House Ton...
  • CBB7: Day 24 Viewing Figures
  • CBB7: Vinnie Set Task By Tree Of Temptation
  • CBB7: Latest Bookies Predictions To Win Big Brothe...
  • CBB7 PICTURES: Alex Gets Naked Tan Spray
  • CBB7 VIDEO: Alex Gets Naked For Fake Tan
  • CBB7: Day 23 Viewing Figures
  • CBB7 VIDEO: Stephanie Smashes Ivana's Award
  • CBB7: Ivana Award Task
  • CBB7: Double Eviction Viewing Figures
  • CBB7 VIDEO: Nicola Tempted By Tree
  • CBB7 POLL: Should CBB Be Axed?
  • CBB7: Celebrity Hell Charades
  • CBB7: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

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