Saturday, January 02, 2010

PICTURES: Nicola Roberts Drunk

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts has been pictured in the press today looking rather drunk, as these pictures show. But Nicola had a good reason - it was New Years Eve and the majority of the country had consumed a drink or twenty, so why shouldn't she? It's not the first time the press have captured Nicola Roberts enjoying a night out, as previously seen HERE.

Nicola Roberts is 24 and was out celebrating New Year’s Eve with boyfriend Charlie Fennell when Magic Moments took the pictures at Gilgamesh in Camden, London. Most girls her age would have been doing the same so it's wrong of the press to knock her for having a good time. Let's face it, Nicola and the rest of Girls Aloud have earned a good night out after working so hard in 2009.

Sarah Harding looked lush in a classic black dress as she enjoyed New Year celebrations in Camden and seems to be losing her image as the drunken one in Girls Aloud.

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