Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Aloud: Nicola Roberts Birthday Pictures

Nicola Roberts on her 23rd birthday
Girls Aloud singer, Nicola Roberts enjoyed her 23rd birthday this weekend at London's Wellington Club with friends but with the press close at hand, it was never going to be a private affair. Looking hot and glamorous at the start of the night, it didn't take too many drinks for the press to capture some not so glamorous pictures.

Pictures of Nicola Roberts leaving the club worse for wear have appeared online and reveal more than normal. The singer's nipple can clearly be seen in one of the pictures, and leaves you wondering how far is too far? Is this an invasion of privacy, how would you feel if it were you being splashed across the media?

No wonder Sarah Harding have the "V" sign to the press as she climbed into the car at the end of the evening celebrations, as she showed her anger at the press intrusion. Let's just hope it didn't spoil Nicola's birthday!

Nicola Roberts "nipple" picture

Sarah Harding gives the press her disapproval

*Credits: Daily Mail/


  1. I was at the party and Nicola looked fabulous and had a wonderful time with her friends.
    If you can't do that anymore then what is the world coming to?
    Get lost you horrid and cruel photographers!!!

  2. It's a pity they didn't just take pictures of Nicola going into the club. I know I wouldn't want pictures of myself in the press after I've had a good night out.

    Nicola looked lovely and I hope you all enjoyed the party....


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