Monday, July 25, 2011

VIDEO: Sharliza Jelita - No Go Pogo

Life can get a bit heavy at times, that's why it is always good to step back and enjoy yourself. Sharliza Jelita is one of those people who doesn't take life too seriously, being zany actually keeps you sane!

While at Warwick University, Sharliza was often seen jumping around at various venues with her band The Rrrs. The energy on stage oozed out into the audience and always left a favourable impression. After finishing at uni the reality of work and making a living came home and the band went their separate ways. Yet the desire to perform never left Sharliza, who yearned for a return to the stage.

The video above is a triumphant return to the music world - with Sharliza on vocals, you don't just get a song ..... you get theatre and a performance worth watching again and again. We need people like Sharliza to help us escape the woes of this world and just enjoy life. No Go Pogo is the perfect summer song you could skip through the fields singing along too or blast out as you are getting ready for a night out with friends.

The world would be a much happier, creative place if we could have a few more people like Sharliza Jelita. So if you ever need cheering up, buy this song and blast it out because you are guaranteed to feel happier after a dose of Sharliza - just what the doctor ordered!

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