Monday, June 06, 2011

Coventry's Got Style With Stylusboy's New EP

Stylusboy - Whole Picture

Having just worked all night, the last thing I thought I would be doing was writing a review about a new EP. Yet my love for all things Cov means I'll give a shout out if something good comes along.

Coventry born Steve Jones (aka Stylusboy) has just released his third album - Whole Picture, which was the perfect easy listening album to play while unwinding after a hard nights labour. I had just been expecting guitar and solo vocals but this EP also features the backing vocals of Rachel Grisedale and much more than just a guitar! The two vocals compliment each other and make the album a pleasure to have on while relaxing as the blend of modern day folk music soaks gently into your ears. Beyond The Flags is the outstanding track from the Whole Picture EP. Stylusboy has scored a winner with this tune, and deserves to be up there with such artists like Danny and the Champions of the World. Steve and Rachel should be very proud of their songs and Coventry are fortunate to have such talent. If you get the chance, check out Stylusboy's website and order whatever tacks you like, or see him performing at a local gig (if you ask nicely he might even come around your house and perform for you and your friends!) There is a limited Whole Picture CD available for those who prefer something a little more physical.

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