Sunday, May 23, 2010

PICTURES: 2-Tone Central Fund Raiser Event

Here are a selection of pictures from the 2-Tone Central Fund Raiser Event held at Venue 54 in Cox Street, Coventry. Bringing together musicians and SKA fans from Coventry and beyond. The event was organised by Pete Chambers and featured Roddy Radiation and Skabilly Rebels, Horace Panter joined The Tones, Pint Shot Riot and Just Morale formed part of the line-up.

Coventry DJ Brody Swain hosted the evening event, with a charity auction and raffle helping to raise hundreds towards the new 2-Tone Central cafe/venue. The musical history of Coventry looks set to live on, thanks to the dedication of all those who saw SKA music have such a positive effect in Coventry and around the world.


Roddy Radiation and Skabilly Rebels

Nice shoes!

Roddy Radiation in action

Roddy Radiation and Skabilly Rebels

The Allskas

The Allskas

The Allskas

Pint Shot Riot

 DJ Brody Swain compares for the night
Pete Chambers has a few words to say.....

The Tones

Just Morale

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1 comment:

  1. Great photos and videos from a superb night. Thanks for posting them.

    I thought the gig was great. Pete and Julie Chambers, the bands, and everyone involved did an amazing job.

    - Wayne Spencer, Leicester


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