Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cougars @ Kasbah Coventry

The Cougars were back in Coventry over the Bank Holiday weekend and the crowds at Kasbah nightclub were in for a real treat. Ashley, George, Ross and Matt not only warmed up for The Delays performance, they truly 'rocked the Kasbah' with their power packed set list.

Despite The Cougars having van trouble, even before they had set off from Cambridge it didn't stop lead singer Ashley and drummer Matt from lugging all the equipment into their cars and driving up to Coventry so as not to disappoint fans. Many an artist would have pulled the plug on the gig but The Cougars love Coventry too much for such a thing to happen!

The Cougars deserve praise for delivering such an energetic performance and are a worthy contenders for the main stage at the Kasbah. Coventry and indeed the world, needs bands like The Cougars during these difficult times. Despite having a long drive back to Cambridge and the prospect of a long 13 hour shift at work, Ashley and the lads stayed behind for The Delays set and shared a few drinks long into the night with fans. No wonder Coventry love The Cougars!

 Ashley strikes a pose

 George pouts
Ross and Gaz from Bootleg Poets get cosy!

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