Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kid British @ Rock City, Nottingham

Kid British have been supporting The Enemy during their UK tour and have a great future ahead of them.Here are some pictures and videos of Kid British from this weekends Rock City gig in Nottingham. Check out the lads at:

The stage might have been small but Kid British could perform anywhere and brighten the place up with their uplifting tunes and lively stage presence. Kid British are just what we need in 2009 - as 25 year-old Simeon Mclean says, "We want to bring a feel good factor with our music." This is exactly what the lads do on stage.

Tiny stage had to house all seven members of Kid British

James on the move

Kid British in action @ Rock City

James and Sean singing loud and proud

Simeon and Adio know about 'Sunny Days'

Kid British @ Nottingham

Kid British on stage (a tiny stage!)


Kid British - Lost in London @ Rock City, Nottingham

Kid British - Sunny Days @ Rock City, Nottingham

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