Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VIDEO: Lily Allen Hits Passer-By In Street Fight

Lily Allen punches woman

As seen in the video below, Lily Allen was involved in a punch up outside Ronnie Scott's Jazz Bar as a passer-by traded insults with Lily. The woman called her a "f**king a**ehole."

Lily then retaliated, and shouted: "Yeah, come and say that to my face you f**king c**t. "Where is that b**ch man? I'll f***ing batter her."

Allen then approached the woman, punching her several times in the back of the head, before adding: "Violence is bad." Allen having to be persuaded against confronting the girl again by T4 presenter Miquita Oliver who had joined her on the night out.
The press caught the whole event on camera and Holy Moly have uploaded the video to YouTube, here is the video of Lily Allen fighting:

Video: Lily Allen in street fight with passer-by

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