Friday, August 01, 2008

BB9: Luke is Evicted From Big Brother

Luke became the seventh person to be evicted from the Big Brother 9 house with 37% of the vote tonight as Davina McCall made the announcement to an excited house.

In a week of drama and excitement Luke was going to be up against house beefcake Dale in a battle The Sun dubbed "Mr Muscle v Mr Muscle". Events took a dramatic turn on Tuesday when Big Brother stripped Stuart of his title as 'Head of House' for talking about nominations. The two way race became a 9 housemate contest, but then Maysoon fell at the last hurdle as she walked out of the BB9 house Wednesday evening.

The bookies and BBBS Poll predicted that Luke Marsden would become the latest eviction victim and phone lines closed 22 hours earlier than normal but still the Wigan funny man lost and will now leave the house and be re-united with his funny other half, Rebecca Shiner.

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