Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tom Clarke: "I've Never Done Drugs"

Tom Clarke is often featured in the media as the out spoken front man of Coventry band The Enemy, but for those who take the time to listen, Tom speaks many a wise word.

Although Tom has only just recently turned 20 years old, he has already experienced more than many of his peers. Yet all this time Tom Clarke has kept his feet firmly on the ground and his head still rests on very wise shoulders.

The past year The Enemy have gone from playing small venues and moved on to a sell out national tour at much larger venues (such as the 8,000 capacity Jaguar Hall in Coventry). You might conclude this path of fame would naturally lead to a rock 'n' roll lifestyle full of sex and drugs, but once again Tom Clarke has a very sensible attitude.

Speaking about the subject of drugs, Tom said:

"I've never wanted to know, I've seen drugs destroy a lot of people,
I've seen it ruin personalities that I like. The person is still the same, but
it's like somethings gone inside and hollowed then out and taken the
personality out of them."

"I know in 2008 I'm probably a minority in not having ever experimented
in drugs, but anyone who says you can't say no because it's everywhere, that's
bollocks. You can say no, it's piss easy. I now exist in a world where it's
around me every fucking day and I still have no desire to start doing any drugs
at all."

Tom Clarke is often reported for speaking his mind, yet he stands as a good role model for today's generation surrounded by a culture of violence and drugs. Tom has proved you can find success without the need for drugs - it does require hard work and a strong belief in yourself to prove others wrong. The Enemy have made it because of these attributes and the determination not to be stuck in a dead end 9-5 job selling TV's.

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