Friday, March 14, 2008

Madonna Wants To Get Intimate!

The Queen of Pop wants to get intimate - according to reports, Madonna would love to do small opera house type gigs.

The US star said that she had been forced to play stadiums and arenas throughout her career for financial and logistical reasons.

She is quoted as saying: "I have always wanted to do intimate performances. My dream is to go around doing shows in opera houses, but who makes money in opera houses?"

"When I create my shows they are usually quite intricate. They don't expand and collapse to varying stage sizes. I have always wanted to do grand shows but in really intimate venues, which never seems to be possible."

The singer, who releases her 11th studio album next month, commented: "I just love theatre and the magic of theatre. You can hear people breathing and you can see their sweat, you can see the work."

And yet you can still be pulled into the magic of everything and be tricked by the illusion of one spotlight and also the danger of it being live. Each audience that you have changes your performance. I love that more than anything."

*As reported by Alex Fletcher, Entertainment Reporter on Digital Spy

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