Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spice Girls : Fans Make Funny Videos

Fans wasted no time in making videos to express their anger or frustration at the news the Spice Girls have ditched the remaining dates of the world tour. Although the Spice Girls responded to the media/fan backlash by making a short video apology, it's not worth viewing - so here are two of the best home made videos that will leave a wet patch in your underwear as you view them!

  • www.theenemy.eu
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    1. LOL I still haven't decided what do I think about them canceling the rets of the dates outside the US and Canada, but well I do understand the angry fans 'cos yeah it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity but gosh I think they shouldn't take it so seriously.. it's not nice betraying them. Yeah they can think the SG betrayed them but c'mon on we all know their relationship as a band isn't all pink, maybe some serious problems have made them decide to end the tour so soon.


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