Monday, February 04, 2008

Music Gossip

Amy Winehouse looking better at rehab. Pic: Splash/Daily Mail

* Amy Winehouse popped out of rehab to renew her American visa and looked much better than when she went in. Maybe she will be ready for the Grammys on the 10th February, where Winehouse is nominated for six awards.

* The real reason the Spice Girls have ended their reunion early has been revealed in the Daily Mail, and it is not about the money, family committments or bickering - but Posh's feet! According to the Daily Mail Victoria Beckham has bunions on her feet and that may have been the reason for the "split". Check out the story, complete with bunion pictures HERE.

* Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud has been hogging the headlines recently, with tears all round as she copes with cheating husband Ashley Cole. Tissues have been at the ready as Cheryl has been on the phone to Posh Spice several times for advice. Meanwhile Ashley has crying down the phone, begging Cheryl to come back.

*Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding must read this blog because we predict the demise of Girls Aloud this year and it seems Sarah is trying to set up a solo music career for when the fateful day arrives. Prehaps the whole Cole story is speeding things along.

*The Atomic Kitten single "Anyone Who Had A Heart" has failed to enter the Top 75 in the UK charts, what the papers fail to say is the song was only out on download last week and entered the charts at #77, so a bit harsh on the trio. They did look stunning at the G-A-Y performance at the weekend though!

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    1. Last week I was the happiest guy on earth in terms of music, the SPice Girls tour was rocking, Atomic Kitten's new single was on top of my iPod playlist andI couldn't wait to read more news about GA new single but this week everything has gone bad... The Spice Irls cancelled some of their dates, Atomic Kitten's single entered at number 77 nd Cheryl wants to split up with Ashley :(


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