Sunday, December 11, 2016

VIDEO: Melanie C - Dear Life and Anymore

Melanie C may have been be part of the world's most successful girl band the Spice Girls, but did you know she has been producing her own albums since 1999 and has just released her sixth studio album, 'Version of Me'

For 20 year's Melanie C has been one of the UK's most successful female artists, constantly evolving her own brand of music and changing her appearance. While many of her contemporaries would have just retired from making music, having made their millions, Melanie C has continued to do the very thing she loves - make music and perform those tracks live.

VIDEO: Melanie C - Dear Life

Back in 1996 we knew her as Sporty Spice, with track suits and high kicks ....... 20 year's later and Melanie C is still as fit as ever, if her social media feeds and photo shoots are anything to go by. The mother of one has shown how to balance celebrity life with a healthy lifestyle that is the envy of most women in their 40's.

VIDEO: Melanie C - Anymore

Rumours of a Spice Girls reunion have certainly done the rounds and Mel C has made it clear that she is happy to leave the girls at the peak of their career with the lasting memory of the closing ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. Her latest album Version of Me entered the UK album chart at number 25, and while not commercially successful - has continued to satisfy fans around the world.

Melanie C will be going on tour in April 2017 and tickets are available: HERE
PIC: Melanie C in Love Magazine

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