Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ripps Make Triumphant Return

 The Ripps made a welcome return as they showcased their new material and proved once again why their tunes are so needed today. It had been over a year since The Ripps had publicly taken to the stage, but a lot has happened since they supported Coventry legends The Specials.

 Patch and Raul Lagunas have known the highs and lows of being in a band, while trying to make a living. Thankfully for their fans - they didn't give up, instead they picked themselves up and along with new band mates Alan Ferguson (bass guitar) and Phil Cox (drums) worked hard on writing new material.

The Cambell gig was the first opportunity for family, friends and fans to hear the new songs and judging by the reactions - The Ripps have been given a big seal of approval. The many hours spent together have paid off, you could see The Ripps were enjoying being back on stage in their beloved Coventry.

 It was a triumphant return to the quirky sound that made The Ripps stand out from other bands, as each new track bellowed out from the stage, you couldn't help but tap your feet or hands. The Ripps have their mojo back and they certainly want to use it!

 The Ripps kicked off the set with two familiar songs from 'Long Live The Ripps' before winning over the Cambell crowd with 'This Modern Life', 'Dealer Song', 'The Police Are On The Attack', 'Night On The Town', 'Young and Lost' and 'All Good Things'.

 The Ripps then cranked it up to the next level with 'Riding High', 'True Colours' and 'Lose Yourself' - songs that fans can listen too on The Ripps Facebook page. By the time the final song 'Lovesick' was performed, the venue was buzzing with excitement. Patch, Raul, Alan and Phil wouldn't get away without an encore!

A four song encore proved to be a winner with the final new song 'She's Not All There', two indie hits 'Loco' and 'Holiday', then a track that featured in an episode of Glee ('Dancing With Myself'') rounded the set off perfectly. The band could now relax and enjoy socialising with friends, fired up ready for a summer of gigs.

Supporting bands Revellers Riot (above) and Casual Parents (below) warmed the crowds up ready for The Ripps and did a mighty fine job!

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