Monday, February 22, 2010

Susan Boyle At Breaking Point

Susan Boyle might have the biggest selling album of 2009 and the most watched video on YouTube, but behind the scenes a completely different picture has become the reality. The 48-year-old has suffered very public melt-downs since her meteoric rise to fame over the past year, and is said to be close once again to a breakdown.

Behind the smiles and the songs, lies heartache and loneliness - something fame and money cannot buy. Her brother Gerry has spoken out saying Susan suffers from 'crushing' loneliness and fears she will never fall in love. The Britain's Got Talent star has never had a relationship and has struggled to cope with the fame since becoming a global sensation. Her brother revealed in an interview, "The one thing she wants above all everything else is love. Who doesn't? Her biggest wish is to find someone who she can share her success with and support her through the difficult times."

Susan Boyle has been afraid to sleep at her Scottish home after she arrived home several weeks ago to find an intruder inside. Security has been stepped up, yet this had added to the turmoil. Gerry said, "If I'm honest things aren't great for Susan at the moment on a personal level. She's absolutely exhausted after non-stop travelling promoting her album around the world."

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